A Little of This…

ALittleFrontCoverA Little of This… is Laurence Thomas’ latest title from Third Wednesday Press.  Click on the cover photo to order your copy from Amazon.com.


“A little of this, a little of that. Mixing what has come to be known as ‘serious’ poetry alongside works with sexual overtones or outright whimsy doesn’t bother me. Our lives accommodate themselves to such juxtapositions as storms during picnics, overlapping births, marriages, and deaths, ads on TV with silly jingles sandwiched between bloody crimes and nefarious intrigues. A child opens the bedroom door at an inopportune moment. Somebody introduces an irreverent joke at a funeral. Tears of sorrow are made of the same stuff as those of joy.”  – Laurence W. Thomas

A Little of This… is available for putchase from Amazon.com for just of $8.00.